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Brewery Timmermans A family tradition


Timmermans has been brewing in Itterbeek for the last 300 years, ever since 1702. A few miles from the centre of Brussels, it was then known as «The Mole Brewery». Owned by Jan Vandermeulen, it was also a farm, an orchard, a café and a malt-house.

20th century


In the early 20th century, the sixth generation, Paul Van Cutsem, son-in-law of Frans Timmermans (6th genera- tion), changed the name to «The Timmermans Brewery».



Bourgogne des Flandres, a subtle Bruges blend of a high fermentation brown beer with the best spontaneously fermented lambic beer, is now brewed by Timmermans Brewery.

Timmermans Brewery, the oldest Belgian and still active Lambic brewery, is still brewing even today using the unique spontaneous fermentation method. This unique method is only used by six breweries in the world, all situated in or near Brussels. 



Today Timmermans fruit beers and traditional beers, winners of prestigious prizes, are found all over the world and form a crucial part of the Martin’s Finest Beer Selection®.



Open to the public since september 2009, the Timmermans brewery museum is an impressive window to the best of the Belgian brewing tradition! And there is more, you can also visit the new exposition of 100 years of history of the «Martins Finest Drink Company®».


Timmermans Oude Gueuze 75cl has won the Silver medal on WBA 2013 in the category "sour beer". The World Beer Awards are one of the most prestigious beer awards in the world. 


Elected «World’s Best Sour Beer» at the prestigious World Beer Awards 2015, Timmermans Oude Gueuze can take pride in this recognition of the quality of its lambics.

Brewery Timmermans Brewing Process Lambic


1 Brewing Room

GRAIN SILOS : These silos can contain up to 30.000 kg of grain. By an ingenious «Archimedean Screw» system, the grain is automatically conveyed toward the crusher.

MILLS : The former mill dated from the beginning of the 19th century and was replaced by the crusher (1911 AD). The latter is composed of cylinders that separate the grain’s husk and core. Thanks to this tool, the husk remains intact; this helps to improve the filtering of the mash.

MALT HOPPER : Where the raw materials are stored, crushed before passing into the thickening tank.

WATER BOILER : In this tank, the water is heated to approximately 90°C.

MASHING VESSEL with its «madammen»sytem

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2 Filtration Tank

(1950 AD, and made by D’Hondt) : Here the mash is meticulously filtered and washed in order to extract as much sugar as possible from the grains. It is this sugar that will be transformed into alcohol during maturation.

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The shallow%scooler

3 The shallow cooler

is at the origin of the most crucial and mysterious phase of the Lambic’s production. Here, the mash will be naturally cooled to 20°C and gets in contact with the ambient air. The two micro-organisms present in the air (Bredanomyces Bruxellensis & Bredanomyces Lambicus) will blend into the mash provoking the magic of natural «spontaneous fermentation», without the addition of yeast. These micro organisms are only found in a 15 km radius around Brussels, a phenomenon that remains unexplainable to this day, even for the greatest of specialist.

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4 Maturation Rooms

The cooled mash is transferred here. Two kinds of kegs can be discovered in it: Casks (6500 litres) and Pipes (650 litres), kegs 100% made of oak or chestnut. Previously already used once for Port, the Lambic traditonally matures in these casks or pipes.

To transform all the yeast, the entire fermentation process can take two to three years.

The visits
  • 1 Brewing
  • 2 Filtration
  • 3 The shallow
  • 4 Maturation

Brewery Timmermans Visits


The Timmermans ® Brewery is open every day by appointment, even on weekends.

standard visit &
3 tastings

€8.50per person
Minimum of 25 people per visit

visit with
Unlimited beverages

€16.00per person
Minimum of 25 people per visit

In the case of a no-show following a brewery visit reservation, an administrative charge of €50 will be requested if the reservation is not cancelled 4 working days in advance.


The Timmermans® Brewery organises visits for groups on request (minimum of 25 people).


You can visit the brewery on the second Sunday of every month from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.. The guided tour starts at 2.30 p.m. (ONLY UPON APPOINTMENT)


The room can be rented for seminars, banquets and receptions.

  • Convivial room with a capacity of up to 100 people
  • Kitchen available for caterers
  • Equipment: LCD projector - large screen
  • Option of arranging a tasting

Brewery Timmermans Book your visit

Note: the fixed minimum of 25 people applies every day except on the second Sunday of the month. All visits must be reserved at least 5 working days before arrival.

In the case of a no-show following a brewery visit reservation, an administrative charge of €50 will be requested if the reservation is not cancelled 4 working days in advance.

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