Timmermans, the world’s oldest Lambic beer brewery, has continued the family tradition for over 300 years. A member of the “Finest Beer Selection” of Anthony Martin since 1993, Timmermans has successfully introduced a certain degree of innovation and originality while still preserving its authenticity and know-how.

Today, the brewery offers a wide range of refreshing and fruity beers combining tradition and modern taste trends.



Raspberries, strawberries, sloes, peaches or cherries are added to the exceptional Timmermans Lambic beer. The result is a young, refreshing beer, with the acidity typical of Lambic beer attenuated by a sweet fruity flavour. An absolutely irresistible refreshing taste for the summer!


The beers of the Traditions range combine fruit and spices with traditional Lambic beer, the basic beer that is the result of spontaneous fermentation and is used in the entire range. Whether it is candy sugar (Faro) or spices (Lambicus Blanche) that are added, the Traditions beers will without a doubt be a delight for your taste buds.



The Lambic beer that serves as a basis for the Oude Gueuze and the Oude Kriek can only be brewed in an area of 15 km around Brussels, so-called Pajottenland. The unique micro-organisms occurring in the air of the Senne Valley activate the spontaneous fermentation that gives the Lambic beer its typical taste.

In order to be called “Oude”, the old Lambic beer, which has matured in wooden casks for three years, is mixed with young Lambic beer, which activates the “new” fermentation in the bottle thanks to the residual sugars. The different Lambic beers are carefully selected by the brewer in order to obtain a perfect taste.


Blend of 3 beers brewed by Guinness (Ireland) and by Timmermans (Belgium). Guinness & Timmermans created this amazing blend of 3 unique beers: Guinness West Indies Porter (1801), Guinness Special Export (first brewed in 1944 exclusively for John Martin) and Timmermans Oude Kriek (the world’s oldest lambic brewery).